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I will if elected, be the PEOPLE'S Sheriff. I will be out in the County as much as possible to talk and listen to the citizens of Oceana County. When in my office, my door will always be open to everyone. I will handle, and look into, all Public Opinions and Complaints and my mind will stay open.

A Vote for me, Roger (Chuck) Schultz, is one vote closer to electing a new smiling face with new ideas to lead the Oceana County Sheriff’s Department in 2001.

I will not promise anything that I can not deliver or fulfill.  What I will promise is that if I am elected, I will fulfill the duties of the Sheriff to the best of my ability.  I will try to make you proud of the Oceana County Sheriff's department, and I will work at making a good Sheriff's department even better.

I would bring proven Experience and Leadership to Oceana County and I will work towards a better relationship with the public we serve.  I have worked hard to earn the trust I have with the citizens in the Shelby area, and I will work even harder if elected to earn that same trust through out the whole county.  Again I will be the PEOPLE'S SHERIFF.

I will also work to make the Sheriff’s Department better organized by getting the employees to work together, work out any concerns, complaints or problems before they get out of hand.

I am a devoted Family Man with strong family values and I will bring these values into the office with me and try to make Oceana County a safer and better place to live and raise our families.

Our children are the Future, and I have worked with the kids of Shelby for 16 years, bringing with that a very good rapport with them. If elected I will try to bring this rapport to the families and kids of Oceana County.  Anyone that knows me knows that I am a honest, down to earth person and if elected I will be fair and open minded to everyone.

I plan to do my best to visit as many people as I can, during this election, to let them know my views, and feelings.  I'm trying something new, and with this Home Page, I hope to reach many more people than I would have ever been able to otherwise.  I am still going to visit as many people as I can in person through August 8th, when the Primary is held.

REMEMBER, that if you are not registered to vote, and you want to vote, you need to register before July 10, 2000.  The August 8, 2000 Primary is the most important time to vote, because if you don't vote August 8th, it might be too late to make the difference.


Any Help in the below items, would be Greatly Appreciated.


· Anyone that would consider helping, by donating time to call, hand out pamphlets and/or talk to people, please contact me at my E-Mail address which is, or by phone (231) 861-6231.

· Anyone that would consider helping, by having a sign placed in their yard, please contact me at my E-Mail address which is, or by phone at (231) 861-6231.

· Anyone that would like to help my campaign by donating a Contribution, please, contact me at my E-Mail address which is or by phone at (231) 861-6231 or
by sending any Contributions to:

                              The Committee to elect Roger Schultz for Sheriff
                              Roger Schultz
                              361 Runner Street
                              Shelby, Michigan    49455


Roger C. Schultz
  361 Runner Street
    Shelby, Mich 49455
 (231) 861-6231


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