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 I have many more old picture postcards, but I picked out a few of the better or more interesting ones to display here. If your area is not displayed it’s because I don’t have a picture of that area. If you E-Mailed me one I would place it on this page.

Little Point Sable Lighthouse before they tore down the Keepers Dwelling,
in Golden Township, Oceana County, Michigan.

Village of Shelby’s old Rail Road Station. Now the North half
of this building is where the Police Department is located.

Pentwater, Michigan

Old Store and Gas Station which was located approx. 1 mile North of Shelby. The Store
is now gone but the Gas Station building is still there. The Property is now owned by my
wife Diane’s, Brother Ken and Dawn (Glover) Spears.

The Old Shelby Public Schools - 1909

Hart, Michigan

Shelby, Michigan

Mouth of Stony Creek in Benona Township, Oceana County, Michigan

Big Creek Hill being built in Benona Township, Oceana County, Michigan

New Era, Michigan

Shelby, Michigan

This isn’t an Oceana County Picture but I thought it was neat
I was told it is a 1951-2 ___________

The Ferry – Pentwater, Michigan

Hart, Michigan

Stony Lake Resort – Stoney Lake, Michigan

Town Hall and Gardiner School – Benona Township, Michigan

Ferry that crossed the Pentwater Channel

Shelby Junior High school – Shelby, Michigan

Crystal Lake near Shelby, Michigan

Boat entering Pentwater Harbor

Hotel Shelby – Shelby, Michigan

Freak of Nature – at Pentwater, Michigan


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